Sweet Adelines Region 2 Choruses

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Chorus Area of operation State Web site
A Cappella Bella ChorusWest Central MichiganMichiganwww.acappellabellas.com
Capital AcapellaSouth Central MIMichigan 
Carillon Belles ChorusSouthwest OntarioOntario 
Crossroads Harmony ChorusNorthwest MIMichiganwww.crossroadsharmony.org
Fenton Lakes ChorusEast Central MIMichigan 
Festival Sounds ChorusSouthwest OntarioOntariowww.festivalsoundssweetadelines.org
Grand Harmony ChorusWest Central ONOntariowww.grandharmonychorus.com
Grand Traverse Show ChorusNorthwest MIMichiganwww.grandtraverseshowchorus.org
Heart of Essex ChorusWestern ONOntario 
Heart of Michigan ChorusCentral MIMichiganwww.heartofmichiganchorus.org
Lock Cities ChorusMichigan UP/No. OntarioMichigan 
London ChorusWest Central ONOntariowww.londonchorus.com
Motor City Blend ChorusMetro DetroitMichiganwww.motorcityblendchorus.com
Northern Blend ChorusPrescott, MichiganMichigan 
Seaway Sounds ChorusLake Huron, ONOntariowww.seawaysounds.com
Shoreline SoundDetroit AreaMichiganwww.shorelinesound.org
Song of the Lakes ChorusMI Thumb AreaMichigan 
Tri City ChorusMI Tri City AreaMichigan 
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