• Develops, coordinates and monitors regional educational programs in conjunction with the coordinators
  • Plans curriculum for educational events such as seminars and workshops
  • Works in coordination with Events and Marketing Coordinators on marketing events
  • Coordinates regional faculty visits to choruses
  • Maintains five-year education plan document
  • Implements the chapter revitalization plan for maintaining the integrity of the musical product and administrative process as outlined in the RMT handbook
  • Approves chapters and prospective chapters for public performance
  • Auditions chapter-at-large quartets for public performance
  • Develops faculty or staff to assist in implementing regional education programs
  • Appoints an Arrangers Coordinator who administers the program that offers training for aspiring arrangers within the region
  • Appoints a YWIH Coordinator who administers the program within the region. This position could be shifted to the responsibility of the Directors Coordinator depending on what would provide the most effective program development and oversight for the region
  • Maintains contact with appropriate staff members at SAI headquarters
  • Maintains comprehensive records and forwards materials to her successor
  • Trains her successor
  • Appoints staff to assist with the implementation of responsibilities as needed

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