Border Lakes Region 2 Leadership

Border Lakes Region 2 thrives in part because of the commitment of the people in leadership. Here are a few of the people that make a difference:


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Communications Coordinator, Martha Delargey

Martha first joined Sweet Adelines in 1974 with the Flint Chorus and after she married and moved in 1982 joined East Pointe Chorus singing tenor. Now she sings baritone with the Shoreline Sound Chorus.  She is a proud member of the Purple Ribbon Gang having placed 1st with Custom Blend in 1987, Prestige in 1997, and Final Cut in 2003 singing tenor. As the Communications Coordinator, Martha is committed that each member is fully informed and aware of all happenings in Region 2 and Internationally.



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Director Coordinator, Jeanne Lundberg

As Director Coordinator, Jeanne Lundberg is a dedicated and valuable member of the Management Team. Her resume includes Director of Fenton Lakes Chorus, Purple Ribbon Gang member (A Touch of Magic, Dynamix and Accolade quartets) and DMA in both Region 2 and Region 17. Jeanne supports and encourages our directors to continuously hone their skills, knowing as they grow, so too will our singers.




Education Coordinator, Nancy Liedel

As the only member of the Team appointed by International, Nancy is always on the look out for talented educators inside and outside of the Region to support the growth of our musical product.  Nancy is also the Associate Director of the Fenton Lakes Chorus and sings Baritone with Riot Act! Quartet.



Nan Wardin

Events Coordinator, Nanette Wardin

Nan Wardin has been a member of Sweet Adelines for over 25 years.  Around the 2000's, she was front line director for both the men's and women's Barbershop choruses in the Saginaw/Bay area.  Prior to that, she served on several chorus boards and held various positions such as President, Vice-President and Secretary.  Recently, Nan served as the Region 2 YWIH Coordinator.  Nan is a 4-time regional quartet champion and currently sings in the 1st place Motor City Blend Chorus where she is on both the Board of Directors and the Music Staff.



Finance Coordinator, Judy Sirut

Judy joined Sweet Adelines in 2011 and became a member of the Team in January of 2012 as Marketing Coordinator.  She became the Finance Coordinator in 2015 after completing her MBA in Finance from Walsh College.  Judy sings baritone with the Shoreline Sound Chorus and says that Tuesday is her favorite night of the week! 

 "I am Sweet Adelines"



Susan Casey head shot

Marketing Coordinator, Susan Casey

Susan joined Grand Harmony Chorus in 2011 and can sing Bass, Baritone or Lead but performs best in Bass.  Susan's musical talent, both singing and instrumental, was recognized early in life and even includes winning a talent show, singing her first solo, on a Carnival Cruise!  In her Marketing/Press Relations role with her chorus from 2013-2017, Susan gained a wealth of experience that will assist her as Marketing Coordinator.  Susan loves Regional Music Schools and regularly attends Regional and International Conventions. Having completed education for Business Administration (in the top 5 of her class!), Susan works as an Office Administrator for a local car carrier company.



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Membership Coordinator, Melissa Wright

Melissa has been an enthusiastic member of Sweet Adelines since 2010. She sings tenor with the Festival Sounds Chorus as well as her quartet unofficially called "Four in Accord". Melissa has been on Festival Sounds' Board of Directors for 6 years and is currently in her second year as Chorus President and RMT Membership Coordinator.  Melissa enjoys attending Sweet Adelines events and hopes to meet all of Region 2's members!



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Team Coordinator, Mary Patrick

A team needs a leader who has experience and a wealth of knowledge in all areas of the work to be done. Mary Patrick, current team leader, has been a member of Sweet Adelines International for over 30 years. During that time she was a member of River District Chorus, St. Clair, Michigan; transferred to East Pointe Chorus in 1990, which is now Shoreline Sound Chorus, and is singing Lead.


Through her years of membership Mary has been active in both chorus leadership and the administration of Border Lakes Region 2 in many areas. Beginning in the early 90's she was elected to the Regional Board of Directors and served in several different capacities from Ways & Means, Standing Rules and Treasurer.  When the new team governance was created she served 6 years as Finance Coordinator, after a required break, she returned as Membership Coordinator and became Team Coordinator in May 2016.



Support Teams

Border Lights Editor, Linda May

Linda joined Sweet Adelines "just to sing" but her talents as a journalist didn't remain secret for long. She took on the responsibilty of editing our Regional publication and has sheparded it from pasted mock ups into the digital age. She skillfully combines all the information submitted and produces an exceptional memoir of what we are up to in Region 2.


Competion Coordinator, Lisa Gilkey

The Sweet Adeline year culminates each Spring with the excitement and challenge of Competition!  At the core of that excitement is our Competition Coordinator, Lisa Gilkey.  Appointed by International annually, Lisa has the responsibility to ensure all contestants, over 500 singers each year, have a wonderful, seamless performing experience.

Star Pin Coordinator, Diana Gregg

The coveted 25 Year 'Star Pin' was first presented at the suggestion of Nila Krantz. Presented to Region 2 members in celebration of 25 years in Sweet Adelines, through the years over 350 pins have been presented.  Diana stepped in to coordinate this program when the presentation timing was changed to make it a highlight of our Fall regional weekend.


YWIH Coordinator, Peggy Silver

The Young Women in Harmony program in Region 2 is well known for inspiring youth to embrace barbershop as a means to personal expression and joy.  Peggy Silver is the point person, supporting chapters with community outreach and coordinating the summer Got Harmony? Day Camp for girls and boys ages 10-18.


Webmaster, Leslie Lennon

Reporting to the Communications Coordinator, the Webmaster maintains the Region's website by uploading photos and files and editing content in a timely fashion.  With technical support from Connected Sound, the web designer, Leslie ensures our website is accurate and up-to-date.

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